Thursday, May 31, 2018

CA Senate Clears State Net Neutrality Bill

California’s State Senate cleared a Net Neutrality measure Wednesday that Supporters argue is needed to Plug the Gap they say will be left when the Federal Communications Commission’s (FEC) Own Rules Prohibiting Discriminating between Internet Traffic are taken Offline next Month.

The Democrat-controlled Body Approved SB-822 on a 23-12 Vote, teeing the Bill up for Consideration by the California State Assembly.

If Signed into Law:

This Bill would Revise the Act to Prohibit specified Actions by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), as defined, that provides Broadband Internet Access Service, as specified.

The Bill would Prohibit an ISP from offering Different Levels of Quality of Service to End Users as part of Broadband Internet Access Service unless Specified Conditions are met.

The Bill would authorize the Attorney General, upon his or her own Motion or upon Complaint, to Investigate and bring an Action to Enforce those Prohibitions and would require that Complaints be Reviewed by the Attorney General on a Case-by-Case basis.

The Bill would additionally make the Consumer Remedies and Procedures of the Act Applicable to Enforce those Prohibitions.

The Bill would Prohibit a Public Entity, as defined, from Purchasing, or providing Funding for the Purchase of, any Fixed or Mobile Broadband Internet Access Services that Violate these Prohibitions.

The Bill would require an ISP that provides Fixed or Mobile Broadband Internet Access Service Purchased or Funded by a Public Entity to Publicly Disclose Accurate Information regarding the Network Management Practices, Performance, and Commercial Terms of its Broadband Internet Access Service that is sufficient to enable End Users of those Purchased or Funded Services, including a Public Entity, to Fully and Accurately ascertain if the Service Violates these Prohibitions.

The Bill would Prohibit ISP's, from Actions including Intentionally Blocking Content, Slowing or Speeding Internet Traffic, and Prioritizing Content and Traffic.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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