Sunday, May 20, 2018

CA Court Rules Santa Clara Violated the California Voting Rights Act

A Santa Clara California County Superior Court Judge announced that he believes Santa Clara’s At-Large Voting system Violates the California Voting Rights Act and has Impaired the Asian-American Population from getting Elected.

Santa Clara Registered Voters Ladonna Yumori Kaku, Michael Kaku, Wesley Kazuo Mukoyama, Umar Kumal and Herminio Hernando filed a Complaint against the City in October after Attorney Robert Rubin notified the Jurisdiction Four times that his Clients believed the System caused Vote Dilution.

The Basis of Rubin’s Argument was rooted in the fact that not a Single Asian-American had been Elected in Santa Clara since 1951. He said the City had denied the Community of its Constitutional Rights.

The Plaintiffs proved by a “preponderance of the evidence” that the At-Large Method had Failed the Demographic as a result of Dilution, Judge Thomas Kuhnle wrote in his formal Proposed Decision.

It is a Case that could change the way Voting takes place in the City of Santa Clara. And it comes amid Accusations that the City is promoting Racial Discrimination through its Election Process.

Kuhnle said he went through Statistical Data provided by Rubin's Expert J. Morgan Kousser and found Proof of Racially Polarized Voting in Five of the Santa Clara City Council Elections from 2002 to 2016.

He also found it Indisputable that No Asians have been Elected to the City Council, despite at least One Member of the Community Running for the last 10 Elections.

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