Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TN Libertarian Party Shows Absurdity of Ballot Access Laws

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this post.

Tennessee requires 33,844 Signatures, 2.5% of the Voters in the previous Governor’s Race, for a 3rd Party or Libertarian to seek the Office of Governor to get on the Ballot. Presidential Independents need 275 Signatures to get on the Ballot. But only 25 Signatures for anyone to Run as Republican, Democrat, or Independent, for any Partisan Office to get on the Ballot.

So Members of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee (LPTN) are taking drastic Measures to show the Public the Absurdity of Ballot Access Laws in the State. Libertarians across the State, 22 of them, have decided to seek the Office of Governor running as an Independent, on a Shared Platform: “Make Elections Free and Equal.”

Cole Ebel, Chairman of the LPTN made this Comment, “We attempted to have that number lowered to 5000 through legislation, to make the ballots more free and equal. We even made a commitment to rely on privately funded caucuses, not state-funded primaries, to nominate our candidates. That effort was killed by legislative committee.”

With the Prospect of a Legislative Fix unlikely before the Midterms, LPTN Members have turned to alternative means to inform the Public of the Absurdity of Tennessee State Law. The 22 Tennessee Libertarians, pending Signature Approval, have Announced their Independent Candidacy for Governor. These Candidates are motivated to not only Inform the Public but to Win their Race for Governor.

David Sexton, Candidate for Governor and Vice Chair of the LPTN said, “We’re running as independents because the state of Tennessee won’t recognize us as a party. If we’re relegated to being independents, then we’re all forced to run independently.”

No Group has successfully completed the Tennessee Petition for Party Status since 1968. Americans Elect tried and Failed to Qualify, in 2011.

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