Friday, April 20, 2018

RCV Update and Online Symposium

What a month it's been for the Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV) Community! Here's a quick Rundown of just a few of the Highlights recently:

Maine - Just this week, the Maine Supreme Court finally put to rest any question that this June's Primary Election for Governor and Congressional Candidates will be using RCV. Congrats to the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting in Maine for all their hard work thru the various Legal and Political hurdles they overcame to get here. They are now Committed to making sure Mainers unite behind their People's Veto on RCV on the upcoming June Ballot.

Minnesota - Congrats to FairVote Minnesota for their recent Victory in St. Louis Park! The City Council agreed to use RCV for their upcoming City Elections. Voter Choice Massachusetts has helped usher the City of Amherst towards using RCV as well. FairVote looks forward to working closely with Voter Choice Massachusetts to help implement RCV in Amherst and push for a Statewide solution.

Nevada - Nevadans for Election Reform just launched their Greater Voice Greater Choice Initiative! They will be Collecting Signatures this year to get RCV on the Ballot for most Elected Offices in Nevada.

Santa Fe, New Mexico - In March, Santa Fe, New Mexico ran their first RCV Election for City Council and Mayor, and it was a complete Success! Voters understand it and Love using it!

St. Louis, Missouri - STL for RCV has started collecting Signatures to bring RCV to St. Louis, MO.

Utah - This Monday April 23rd, Utah Governor Gary Herbert will Sign a Bill into Law that enacts a Pilot Program for Cities and Municipalities to use RCV for their Local Elections. A Bi-Partisan effort, Representatives Marc Roberts (R-67th District) and Rebecca Chavez Houck (D-24th District) were instrumental in Passing this Legislation. We look forward to Working to ensure Cities all over Utah start taking advantage of this Program and bring RCV to Utah!

In the Coming Months:

New York City - New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio recently announced the Members and Scope of a Charter Revision Commission for the City and the City Council announced their own Charter Revision Commission. These Commissions will be holding Public Meetings in the coming Months with a Goal of putting Democracy Reform Recommendations on the November 2018 Ballot. This is a Huge Opportunity for Advocates to push the use of RCV City Elections. Currently the Primary for Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller are Run-Off Elections if mno Candate gets $0% of the Vote, in the largest City in America. We are beginning to Build out our Grassroots Group in New York City to help in this effort. If you are interested in getting involved with this effort, please Email:

From Idea to Implementation: A Ranked Choice Voting and Voting Systems Symposium

From April 23rd-24th, join Election Administrators, Elected Officials, Voting Systems Representatives, and RCV Proponents for a Online Symposium: “From Idea to Implementation: A Ranked Choice Voting and Voting Systems Symposium.”

Learn about Best Practices and Case Studies for RCV, Voting Systems, and RCV Capabilities, from the Nation’s Leading Voting System Vendors, and the Process for Implementing RCV.

CLICK HERE Register and learn more about each Session.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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