Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NYC Council Full Public Match Legislation Reintroduced

We need to further Empower everyday New Yorkers to decide Local Elections. New York City’s Campaign Finance system Matches the first $175 of Contributions from Residents by 6 to 1 and gives participating Candidates a Partial Public Matching Grant of up to 55% of the Spending Limit in competitive Races. This leaves more than 1/3 of the Funds outstanding between the Public Matching Grant and the Spending Limit, which must be reached to be Competitive. The “big dollar gap” for Mayor is $2.5 Million.

Ben Kallos (D-5th District) Council Member and member of the Committee of Government Operations, has a Full Public Match Bill (Int.732-2018) that he Authored and introduced, increases the Public Matching Grant from an Arbitrary Partial Match of 55% to a Full Match.

Every small Dollar raised from City Residents would be matched 6 to 1. For the first time, a Candidate for Mayor could ignore the
Corrupting Influence of Maximum Contributions of $4,950 from Special Interests in favor of Matching every Small Contributions from the People.

As covered in the Gotham Gazette in 2017 when the Bill was first introduced, Activists from: Citizen Action, New York Immigration Coalition, New York Communities for Change, Patriotic Millionaires, Strong Economy for All, Urban Justice Center, Tenants and Neighbors, Historic Districts Council, Colleagues and the Candidates for City Council rallied in Support.

If you Support Int. 732 contact your Council Member and ask them to Sign On.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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