Friday, April 20, 2018

NY Special Elections for April 24th 2018

New York Special Elections for certain Assembly and Senate Districts will be held on April 24th, 2018.

The Assembly Districts are:

5th - Deb Slinkosky (D), Doug Smith (R)

10th - Steve Stern (D), Janet Smitelli (R)

17th - Matt Malin (D), John Mikulin (R)

39th - Ari Espinal (D)

74th - Harvey Epstein (D), Bryan Cooper (R), Adrienne Craig-Williams (Green), Juan Pagan (Reform)

80th - Nathalia Fernandez (D) Gene Defrancis (R)

102nd - Aidan O'Connor Jr. (D), Christopher Tague (R), and Wesley Laraway (Reform)

107th - Cynthia B. Doran (D), Jake Ashby (R)

142nd - Patrick Burke (D), Erik Bohen (R)

The Senate Districts are:

32nd - Luis Sepulveda (D), Patrick Delices (R), Pamela Stewart-Martinez (Reform)

37th - Shelley Mayer (D), Julie Killian (R)

These Senate Races give the Democrats a chance to take back the Senate this year. There just one hitch. The Two Senate Seats that had previously been occupied by Democrats will have to be held on Tuesday. The intense Scrutiny for a seemingly Obscure Seats is the result of a fragile Deal that was recently brokered in which a Group of breakaway Democrats who had long shared Power with Senate Republicans agreed to return to the Democratic fold. That Collaboration had helped give Republicans Control of the Senate, despite Democrats holding a numerical Majority, until early April, when the so-called Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) agreed to return to the mainstream fold.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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