Monday, April 23, 2018

NY Primary Challengers to Former IDC Members New Agenda

The Seven New York Primary Challengers to a Group, Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), of Breakaway State Senate Democrats who recently returned to the Party fold are releasing an Agenda they want Passed should the Democrats take Control of the Chamber after Two Critical Special Election on Tuesday.

“If this legislation does not pass, we will know for certain that the IDC's claim of ‘Democratic unity’ was another empty promise,” the Seven said in a Joint Statement. “We will not settle for a few token bills to create the illusion of Democratic leadership—we demand passage of this full progressive legislative agenda”

Their Agenda includes:

- Electoral Reforms like Early Voting

- Strengthening of the State Abortion Laws

- Creation of a State Single-Payer Health Care System

- Criminal Justice Changes like an End to Cash Bail

- Passage of the Child Victims Act

- Enactment of Pro-Immigration Measures like Creation of a State DREAM Act

- Issuance of Drivers’ Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants.

- Pro-Tenant Rent Law Reforms

- Enactment of a Single Statewide $15 Minimum Wage

- 10-Day Waiting Period for Gun Purchases

- Expansion of Speed Cameras in the Cities.

“We call on the Independent Democratic Conference to prove their worth and deliver for the working people of New York State following the New York State special elections,” the Primary Challengers said.

But even if the Dems pick up both Seats in Tuesday’s Special Elections, they still might not Control the Chamber because Simcha Felder (D-17th District, Brooklyn), continues to Caucus with the Republicans, who would still have the Majority. Felder hasn't tipped his hand about what he will do, though he hasn’t ruled out going back to the Democrats. But some note that many items on the Seven Primary Challengers’ Agenda are issues Felder Opposes, which could make it harder to get him to return to the fold.

“All of these issues are not new—they’re already part of the Democratic agenda,” said one source.

The Seven Democratic Candidates are:

Alessandra Biaggi, who is challenging Bronx Sen. Jeffrey Klein (34th District), who Headed the IDC and is now Senate Democratic Deputy Leader.

Jessica Ramos, who is challenging Queens Sen. Jose Peralta (13th District).

Robert Jackson, who is challenging Manhattan Sen. Marisol Alcantara (31st District).

Rachel May, who is challenging Syracuse Sen. David Valesky (53rd District).

Zellnor Myrie, who is challenging Brooklyn Sen. Jesse Hamilton (20th District).

Jasmine Robinson, who is challenging State Island Sen. Diane Savino (23rd District).

John Duane, who is challenging Queens Sen. Tony Avella (11th District).

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