Friday, April 6, 2018

EPA Pruitt Directed Staff to Approve Raises for Top Aides

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Head Scott Pruitt Instructed Staff to Approve Raises for Two Top Aides, a day after the EPA Chief implied he wasn't involved in the Decisions.

Pruitt instructed his Staff Members to Approve the Raises for Two Aides who had previously served under him in Oklahoma, though did Not Personally carry out the Raises.

The Raises were given to Sarah Greenwalt and Millan Hupp, Two Aides who followed Pruitt to the EPA from Oklahoma, where he served as Attorney General. Pruitt Requested that Greenwalt’s Salary be raised from $107,435 to $164,200 and Hupp’s from $86,460 to $114,590 after the White House Declined Applications for Raises for both Women.

He then Reappointed the Aides through a Provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which lets the EPA Chief hire up to 30 People without having White House or Congressional Approval. This Move gave him Full Control of the Two Aides' Salaries.

EPA Employees told The Atlantic that the Move showed that Pruitt played Favorites among Senior Staff. “This whole thing has completely gutted any morale I had left to put up with this place," one Employee told the News outlet.

Pruitt's Job in the Trump Administration is reportedly in question due to a series of damaging News Reports surrounding the EPA Chief, including Reports that:

- He lived in a Washington, D.C., Condo owned by the Spouse of a Top Energy Lobbyist for just $50 per night, that he had to be repeatedly to pay his rent, then the owner had to change the locks to keep him out. The Energy Sector is benefiting from some of his changes.

- A Number of High-Ranking EPA Employees were Demoted, Reassigned, or Requested New positions after Questioning some of Pruitt's Decisions. Was that to severe?

- Using Expensive Traveling/Security methods. The EPA has handed Documents to Congress that show New Travel Expenses totaling some $68,000 in Hotel stays and Air Travel. Pruitt's Travel Expenses listed in the Records reportedly do not include the Costs of his Security Team or Aides who Travel with him.

- Using Public Money for Expensive Office Furniture. Pruitt has also been under Scrutiny for the Costs the Agency has accrued changing EPA Headquarters, including a $25,000 Secure Phone Booth for Pruitt's Calls.

One of Trump's mantras was Drain the Swamp, instead he brought a Dirtier Swamp.

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