Thursday, April 5, 2018

AK Democratic Party Wins Lawsuit to Invite Independents to Run in Its Primary

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this post.

On April 4th, the Alaska Supreme Court put out an Order in State v Alaska Democratic Party, S-16875. It says that the Lower State Court was correct, when it Ruled that the Party has a Right to let Independent Candidates run in its Primary. Here is the 5-page Order.

Alaska Political Affiliations

Recognized Political Parties are Parties who have gained recognized Political Party Status under Alaska Statute:

- Alaska Democratic Party
- Alaska Libertarian Party
- Alaska Republican Party
- Alaskan Independence Party

Political groups are Parties who have applied for Recognized Political Party Status but have not met the Qualifications:

- Alaska Constitution Party
- Moderate Party of Alaska
- Green Party of Alaska
- Patriot’s Party of Alaska
- Progressive Party of Alaska
- Twelve Visions Party of Alaska
- UCES’ Clowns Party
- Veterans Party of Alaska

- Nonpartisan - Not Affiliated with a Political Party or Group

- Undeclared - Do not wish to declare a Political Affiliation

The Court will Write a Full Opinion later.

Chief Justice Craig Stowers wrote Separately to say that he doubts that he Agrees with the Majority, but that he will postpone his Decision until the Full Opinion is written. The Court released this Order only a few days after the Hearing, because it was aware that Election Officials and Candidates needed to know the Rules as soon as possible.

From a Blog Comment:

The Superior Court did not set the Primary Ballot Format, but said that Voters should be clear as to what the Relationship between the Candidate and the Party was.

Alaska has a Voluntary Blanket Primary. In 2016, any Voter could take an Alaskan Independence/Democratic/Libertarian Ballot, called an ADL Primary Ballot. Republicans, Nonpartisan, and Undeclared Voters, could take a Republican Primary Ballot.

Under the current ADL Primary Ballot format the Democratic Candidates would have a (D) next to their Name. But now a Candidate seeking the Democratic Nomination might be a (D), but rather an (N) or even a (U). So a Voter might be tricked into Voting for Nancy Nonpartisan or Ulysses Undeclared.

There is NO indication if the Primary Ballot format will be changed.

Then in the General Election, any Voter should be able to determine who Nominated a Candidate who is appearing on the General Election Ballot by virtue of that Nomination.

So the Primary Ballots will be so confusing, that Alaska should do the wise thing and adopt Top-Two.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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