Friday, February 2, 2018

Community Focus Group (CFG) International

Community Focus Group (CFG) Mission is to Inform, Connect, and Mobilize our Kenyan Community to Realizing their Human Rights and to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods. CFG) was founded June 21st, 2000.

​Pamela Ateka,the Founder of CFG, as a Poet, Storyteller, and Motivational Speaker, got together with other Poets, Storytellers/Artists, and begun using their Talent to raise Funds for a Feeding Program, School Fees for HIV Orphans, and other Vulnerable Children in the Koyole Community in Nairobi. Many of these Children came from the Soweto Slum. Theye used Storytelling to Educate the Community on HIV/Aids. CFG currently works in the following thematic areas, Women Economic Empowerment, The Aged and Ageing, Democratic Governance and Leadership, Human Rights, Education in Prisons/Health/Environment/Climate Change/Arts and Culture, among others.

Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya

CFG plans to train 100 Young Women in Kayole Nairobi County of Kenya who have dropped out of School because of Pregnancy. they will give a Young Woman the Opportunity to Acquire the Skills needed to forge a Sustainable Livelihood for themselves and their Families.

Challenge - Young Girls drop out of School because of Early Pregnancies without the Skills needed to get Work or Start a Business.

Solution - Supporting Young Women to acquire the Skills Training is a Sustainable way for them to Support themselves and their Young Families, your Gift provides them with the Skills and Knowledge.

Long-Term Impact - They will train 100 Young Women a Year, who drop out of School because of Pregnancies. They will get a chance to gain Skills to support themselves and their Families in the Future.

I became a Donor in 2016. This year Pamela asked more to join CFG as their U.S. Representative and create Community Focus Group (CFG) International.

As part of this project I created their new website

Please check out the site, donate so we can reach those Young Woman who need our Help, and Check out this year's Festival in Kenya.

Also send me your thoughts on the website.

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