Tuesday, September 19, 2017

NYC 2017 General Election Ballot Candidates

With the New York City Party Primaries over in the 2017 City Election Cycle, we head toward the General Election, which will take place Tuesday, November 7th.

The headliner is Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempt at Re-Election. The other Citywide Positions of Public Advocate and Comptroller are also being determined this year, as well as all Five Borough Presidents, all 51 City Council Seats, and Two District Attorney Positions in Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, there are several Races where the Democratic Candidate does not have any General Election Competition, so those Races will not appear on the Ballot come November. Some races will be highly Competitive, some will have Competition in Name Only.

List of Candidates for City Races of 2017

Bill de Blasio, Democrat, incumbent
Nicole Malliotakis, Republican
Sal Albanese, Reform
Akeem Browder, Green
Aaron Commey, Libertarian

Mike Tolkin, Smart Cities
Abbey Laurel-Smith, Pilgrims Alliance
Ahsan Syed, Theocratic

Eric W. Armstead, independent
Garrett Bowser, independent
Richard “Bo” Dietl, independent
Robbie Gosine, independent

Asim Deen (Party TBD)
Scott Joyner (Party TBD)
Eric Roman (Party TBD)
Rosemary Hameed (Party TBD)
James Berry (Party TBD)
Salvador Morales, (Party TBD)
Louis Puliafito, (Party TBD)
Eliseo Santos, (Party TBD)
Karmen Smith, (Party TBD)

Public Advocate
Letitia James, Democrat, incumbent
J.C. Polanco, Republican
Devin Balkind, Libertarian
James Lane, Green
Michael O'Reilly, Conservative

Scott Stringer, Democrat, incumbent
Michel J. Faulkner, Republican
Alex Merced, Libertarian
Julia Willebrand, Green

Bronx Borough President
Ruben Diaz, Jr., Democrat, incumbent

Brooklyn Borough President
Eric Adams, Democrat, incumbent
Vito Bruno, Republican
Ben Kissel, Reform & Libertarian

Queens Borough President
Melinda Katz, Democrat, incumbent
William Kregler, Republican

Manhattan Borough President
Gale Brewer, Democrat, incumbent
Daniel Vila, Green
Brian Waddell, Libertarian

Linda Liu (Party TBD)

Staten Island Borough President
James Oddo, Republican, incumbent
Tom Shcherbenko, Democrat
Henry Bardel, Green

Brooklyn District Attorney
Eric Gonzalez, Democrat, incumbent (named acting District Attorney in 2016)

Manhattan District Attorney
Cy Vance, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 1
Margaret Chin, Democrat, incumbent
Christopher Marte, Democrat
*****Primary Election not yet called

City Council District 2 - open seat (held by Rosie Mendez)
Carlina Rivera, Democrat
Jimmy McMillan, Republican & Rent is Too Damn High
Manny Cavaco, Green
Donald Garrity, Libertarian

City Council District 3
Corey Johnson, Democrat, incumbent
Marni Halasa, Green

City Council District 4 - open seat (held by Dan Garodnick), and my District
Keith Powers, Democrat
Rebecca Harary, Republican

City Council District 5
Ben Kallos, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 6
Helen Rosenthal, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 7
Mark Levine, Democrat, incumbent
Florindo Troncelliti, Green

City Council District 8 - open seat (held by Melissa Mark-Viverito)
Diana Ayala, Democrat

City Council District 9
Bill Perkins, Democrat, incumbent (elected in February special election)
Jack Royster, Republican
Pierre Gooding, Libertarian

City Council District 10
Ydanis Rodriguez, Democrat, incumbent
Gregory Purdy, Republican

City Council District 11
Andrew Cohen, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 12
Andy King, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 13 - open seat (held by James Vacca)
Mark Gjonaj, Democrat
John Cerini, Republican

City Council District 14
Fernando Cabrera, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 15
Ritchie Torres, Democrat, incumbent
Jayson Cancel, Jr., Martial Arts Party

City Council District 16
Vanessa Gibson, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 17
Rafael Salamanca, Democrat, incumbent
Patrick Delices, Republican

City Council District 18 - open seat (held by Annabel Palma)
Ruben Diaz, Sr., Democrat
Eisley Constantine, Republican
Carl Lundgren, Green

City Council District 19
Paul Vallone, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 20
Peter Koo, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 21 - open seat (held by Julissa Ferreras-Copeland)
Francisco Moya, Democrat

City Council District 22
Costa Constantinides, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 23
Barry Grodenchik, Democrat, incumbent
Joseph Concannon, Republican

City Council District 24
Rory Lancman, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 25
Daniel Dromm, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 26
Jimmy Van Bramer, Democrat, incumbent
Marvin Jeffcoat, Republican

City Council District 27
I. Daneek Miller, Democrat, incumbent
Rupert Green, Republican
Frank Francois, Green

City Council District 28 - open seat (Ruben Wills was convicted on public corruption charges)
Adrienne Adams, Democrat
Ivan Mossop, Republican

City Council District 29
Karen Koslowitz, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 30
Elizabeth Crowley, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 31
Donovan Richards, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 32
Eric Ulrich, Republican, incumbent
Mike Scala, Democrat

City Council District 33
Stephen Levin, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 34
Antonio Reynoso, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 35
Laurie Cumbo, Democrat, incumbent
Christine Parker, Republican
Jabari Brisport, Green

City Council District 36
Robert Cornegy, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 37
Rafael Espinal, Democrat, incumbent
Persephone Sarah Jane Smith, Green

City Council District 38
Carlos Menchaca, Democrat, incumbent
Carmen Hulbert, Green

City Council District 39
Brad Lander, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 40
Mathieu Eugene, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 41 - open seat (held by Darlene Mealy)
Alicka Ampry-Samuel, Democrat

City Council District 42
Inez Barron, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 43 - open seat (held by Vincent Gentile)
John Quaglione, Republican
Justin Brannan, Democrat

City Council District 44 - open seat (held by David Greenfield, who is not seeking reelection)
Kalman Yeger, Democrat
Yoni Hikind, Our Neighborhood

City Council District 45
Jumaane Williams, Democrat, incumbent
Anthony Beckford, Green

Stanley Dumas (party TBD)

City Council District 46
Alan Maisel, Democrat, incumbent

City Council District 47
Mark Treyger, Democrat, incumbent
Raimondo Denaro, Republican

City Council District 48
Chaim M. Deutsch, Democrat, incumbent
Steven Saperstein, Republican

City Council District 49
Debi Rose, Democrat, incumbent
Michael Penrose, Republican

City Council District 50
Steven Matteo, Republican, incumbent
Richard Florentino, Democrat

City Council District 51
Joe Borelli, Republican, incumbent
Dylan Schwartz, Democrat

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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Anonymous said...

I heard that City Council Candidate Anthony Beckford actually fights for the people daily while Jumaane Williams showboats but doesn't really provide for the district. Hopefully everyone votes for Anthony Beckford and vote Jumaane Williams out.