Friday, August 4, 2017

Will NY Political Clubs Face New Scrutiny?

New York Political Clubs could face a new level of Unwanted Attention this Election Season as the Organization linked to former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver comes under Fire from Manhattan Activists.

At issue is the Reporting of Campaign Donations by the Truman Democratic Club. But more broadly, there’s been a long-standing concern from Government Watchdogs that many similar Organizations have Failed to File required Disclosure Reports with the Board of Elections.

A Citizens Union report in 2013 found 224 such Clubs had not Filed as Political Committees despite being Required to by Law.

This could be a larger issue in New York City’s Election this year since some Candidates are unaware Fines can be imposed for accepting Monetary Contributions or In-Kind Service Donations from Unregistered Committees, said the Author of the 2013 report, Alex Camarda.

And then there’s the opaque nature of the Clubs’ Finances. Four years ago, it was estimated as many as 2,318 Reports had Failed to have been Filed.

Since 2009, that would equate to $2.27 Million in Fines.

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