Tuesday, August 8, 2017

U.S. Term Limits has Launched a Chapter in Utah

U.S. Term Limits has launched a fully staffed and operational Chapter in Utah to continue the Progress that Democrats and Republicans have made to rein in the Powerful in Washington, DC by imposing Congressional Term Limits.

Imposing Term Limits on Congress, which has received support in all 50 States, will restore Trust in our Government and Restore Power to the People.

State Director Justin Anderson said, “This nationwide initiative to impose term limits on congress has garnered bipartisan support on the state level and on the federal level. Accountability and transparency are not partisan issues, rather a divisive issue between the establishment and the people.”

The Goal of Anderson’s Chapter will be to obtain passage in Utah of the Term Limits Convention, a Bill that enables State Legislatures to Term Limit Congress. In 2017, the Bill Passed the Utah State House but came up short in the Utah State Senate.

A 2016 Poll from Dan Jones & Associates found that 88% of Utahns back Term Limits for Congress.

Utah has experienced its fair share of Congressional Careerism, with Orrin Hatch serving as one of its Senators since 1976. Hatch, at 83, is running for his Eighth Six-Year Term in 2018.

If Hatch Wins and Serves another Term, he will become the Third-Longest serving Senator in American history, ahead of even Strom Thurmond who served for a huge portion of the 20th Century. A Salt Lake Tribune Poll found last week that 78% of Utahns do not want Hatch to Run again in 2018.

Politicians who have made it their Career to stay in office have Neglected the Interests of their Constituents, denied Transparency, and have Contributed to the establishment that opposes good Policy in our Country.

Term Limit Convention is a website promoting Term Limits for Members of the United States Congress. Since Term Limits will depend upon an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, this Site provides Comprehensive Guidance to Organize a Convention for the Amendment.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Term-Limit Convention.

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