Sunday, August 13, 2017

NYC 2017 City-Wide and Borough-Wide Candidates

On August 10th, the New York City Board of Elections posted a list of Primary Candidates in this year’s City Elections.

When there is only One Candidate running for a particular Office, and no “Opportunity to Ballot” (OTB) Petition to allow write-Ins for that particular Office, for any particular Party), then No Primary is held.


DEM (Democratic Party Primary)
Bill de Blasio
Sal F. Albanese
Richard S. Bashner
Robert Gangi
Michael Tolkin

REF (Reform Party Primary)
Sal F. Albanese

General Election Ballot
Bill de Blasio - WFP (Working Families Party)
Nicole Malliotakis - REP (Republican Party)
Nicole Malliotakis - CON (Conservative Party)
Akeem Browder - GRN (Green Party)
Bo Dietl - Independent

Public Advocate

DEM (Democratic Party Primary)
Letitia James
David Eisenbach

General Election Ballot
J.C. Polanco - REP (Republican Party)
Michael O'Reilly - CON (Conservative Party)
James Lane - GRN (Green Party)
David Eisenbach - Liberal Party
Alex Merced - Libertarian Party


General Election Ballot
Scott Stringer - DEM (Democratic Party)
Michael Faulkner - REP (Republican Party)
Julia Willebrand - GRN (Green Party)

Brooklyn (Kings) Borough President

REF (Reform Party Primary)
Benjamin G. Kissel

General Election Ballot
Eric Adams - DEM (Democratic Party)
Eric Adams - WFP (Working Families Party)
Vito Bruno - REP (Republican Party)
Vito Bruno - CON (Conservative Party)

Bronx Borough President

DEM (Democratic Party Primary)
Rubin Diaz Jr.
Camella D. Price
Avery Selkridge

General Election Ballot
Rubin Diaz Jr. - WFP (Working Families Party)
Steven DeMartis - REP (Republican Party)
Antonio Vitiello - CON (Conservative Party)
Carl Lundgren - GRN (Green Party)
Camella D. Price - REF (Reform Party)

Manhattan (New York) Borough President

General Election Ballot
Gale Brewer - DEM (Democratic Party)
Gale Brewer - WFP (Working Families Party)
Frank Scala - REP (Republican Party)
Daniel Vila Rivera - GRN (Green Party)
Brian Waddell - REF (Reform Party)

Queens Borough President

General Election Ballot
Melinda Katz - DEM (Democratic Party)
Melinda Katz - WFP (Working Families Party)
William Kregler - REP (Republican Party)

Staten Island (Richmond) Borough President

General Election Ballot
James Oddo - REP (Republican Party)
James Oddo - IND (Independence Party)
James Oddo - REF (Reform Party)
Tom Shcerbenko - DEM (Democratic Party)
Tom Shcerbenko - WFP (Working Families Party)
Henry Bardel - GRN (Green Party)

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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