Saturday, August 12, 2017

MA Corrupt State Employees Sold Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens Resulting in Voter Fraud

Conservative Watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Tuesday that Corrupt State Employees sold Drivers’ Licenses and State Identification Cards to Illegal Immigrants who bought Puerto Rican Documents on the Black Market, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The Operation perpetuated Voter Fraud because some of the False Identities and Addresses were used to Vote in Boston.

The Scheme was operated by Four Taxpayer-Funded Employees at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) along with two outside Accomplices who sold Puerto Rican Documents to Illegal Aliens. All six were recently Arrested and Charged with Aggravated Identity Theft. They probably never would have been caught if not for an Anonymous Tip received by the Massachusetts State Police nearly two years ago and there’s no telling how long the Illicit Scheme operated.

The Anonymous Letter said that a Corrupt RMV Employee was providing Stolen Identifications and Drivers’ Licenses to Individuals seeking False IDs, the DOJ announcement states. An Investigation ensued and Authorities discovered that the Four Clerks were working with a Document Vendor and Document Dealer to provide the Licenses and Official State ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants in Exchange for Cash.

The Scheme involved several steps:

1. The Document Dealer sold a Puerto Rican Birth Certificate and U.S. Social Security Card to the Document Vendor for approximately $900.

2. The Vendor would then Sell the Stolen Identities for more than $2,000 to Illegal Aliens, some with Criminal Records, seeking Legitimate Identities in Massachusetts.

3. After the first layer of Illicit Transactions occurred, the Counterfeit Documents and False Identities and Addresses were used to Fraudulently Register Clients to vote in Boston. Illegal Aliens would bring the Stolen Identities to the RMV where the Corrupt Clerks worked and they would accept Cash to Illegally Issue Authentic Documents, including Drivers’ Licenses and ID Cards.

4. The Clerks also accepted Cash to use the RMV’s System to run Queries, including Social Security Number Audits, to confirm that the Identities the Clients were Stealing actually belonged to Verifiable Individuals.

The Unscrupulous State Workers face up to Two Years in Prison, but the Government won’t reveal the Magnitude of the Operation and how many Authentic State Documents were issued Fraudulently to Illegal Aliens.

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