Wednesday, August 2, 2017

FEC Concludes Project Veritas Likely Violated FEC Rules by Facilitating Foreign Contributions

An Undercover Operative for a Conservative group likely Violated Rules against Foreign Campaign Contributions while seeking to show Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign was willing to Break those same Rules, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) concluded.

The FEC said in newly released Documents that Laura Loomer, an Employee of Project Veritas Action, appeared to Violate Campaign Finance Rules by taking Money from a Canadian National to buy Clinton Campaign Merchandise.

An Analysis written by the FEC General Counsel’s Office and Unanimously backed by the Agency’s Commissioners Accused Loomer of “knowingly providing substantial assistance to a foreign national in making a contribution.”

However, the FEC said it wouldn’t seek any Penalties in the Case because of the Small amount of Money involved.

The FEC’s discussion of the knowingly Standard for providing Substantial Assistance in helping a Foreign Individual make a Contribution, pages 5-6 of the Analysis, could be relevant to the Donald Trump, Jr. Russian Meeting Controversy.

CLICK HERE to read the eight page (pdf) Review of the Case.

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