Thursday, August 3, 2017

Elections Watchdog Group Seeks Answers After GA Drops Voters From Voter Rolls

A Watchdog Group is Pushing the State of Georgia to explain why more than 591,000 People were Struck from the Voter Rolls. “Each of the 591,548 voters affected by the move had already been on the state’s ‘inactive’ registration list,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this week. That means those Voters had not Cast a Ballot, Updated their Registration, or Responded to Efforts to Contact them at their Address on Record for at least Three Years.

Let America Vote, an Advocacy group run by former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, wrote in a Wednesday Letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp that Federal Law doesn’t permit the Purge of Voters simply for not Voting. In the Letter Signed by Let America Vote’s Senior Policy Adviser, Leigh Chapman, the Group requested Specifics on the People removed from the Rolls and Documents related to the Purge. Chapman also said her Group is “troubled by Georgia’s actions” related to President Trump’s Controversial Commission on Election Integrity.

The Journal-Constitution quoted a Kemp Spokesperson saying the Removal of the Names was part of a Standard Cleanup of the Voter Rolls. That was the Case when Let America Vote called out Indiana in April for Deactivating about 480,000 Voter Registrations in what a Co-Director of the State Election Division said was a Routine Housekeeping measure.

Similarly, the Head of New York City’s Board of Elections explained the Agency was simply Updating its Records when Officials cried foul over the Deactivation and Archiving of Tens of Thousands of Registered Brooklyn Democrats in 2016. They were reinstated after a review.

Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) has been interpreted to Prohibit Voter Purging with Conditions:

Pursuant to the NVRA, a Voter may not be Removed from the Voters' List unless:

(1) The Voter has requested Removal or Official notification of Voter is Deceased.

(2) State Law requires Removal by Reason of Criminal Conviction or Mental Capacity.

(3) The Voter has confirmed in Writing that he has Moved outside the Jurisdiction maintaining the Specific Voter List.

(4) The Voter both (a) has Failed to Respond to a Cancellation Notice issued pursuant to the NVRA and (b) has Not Voted or Appeared to Vote in the Two Federal General Elections following the date of Notice

Voter Purging is Illegal, if the Primary Purpose is to Disenfranchise Legitimately Registered Voters, on the Basis of a Technicality.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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