Thursday, August 10, 2017

Electionline Weekly Aug-10-2017

Legislative Updates

Idaho: Rep. John Gannon (D-Boise) has introduced a Measure that will allow Registered Voters to keep some of their Information Private. The Measure would allow anyone to Opt-out of revealing most of their Data, making only their Name and Voting Precinct available to the Public.

Many States offer different versions of this: Different fields in their State Database becomes Private, and some States Charge a Processing Fee.

Texas: This week the House, during a Special Session, has given tentative Approval to Senate Bill 5 that would Widen the Definition of Mail-In Voter Fraud and increase Penalties for those who Commit it. However, in their move to pass the Senate Bill 5, they also Approved an Amendment to Repeal a Law that was approved just this Spring during the Regular Session that would make it easier for Senior Citizens in Nursing Homes to Vote. According to the Texas Tribune, it’s unclear why the Amendment was added, but some speculated it was a way to seek Bipartisan support for the Mail Ballot Fraud Bill.

Legal Updates

Georgia: The ACLU of Georgia sent, a Notice of Intent to Sue, to the Chatham County Board of Registrars and the Secretary of State after a Resident of Thunderbolt received a Letter Challenging her Right to Vote. About 300 People in Thunderbolt have received this Letter.

Illinois: A Madison County Judge has Ruled that Ballot Selfies are indeed Legal in Illinois. Attorneys for the Plaintiff had argued that the Ban on Ballot Selfies was an Unconstitutional Restriction on Free Speech. Waiting for an Appeal.

Indiana: The Indiana NAACP and several Lake County Residents have Filed Suit against the Plan to Consolidate many of the County’s Small Voting Precincts. The Plaintiffs are asking a Federal Judge to Block the State Election Commission from adopting any Consolidation Plans and declaring that the Mandate to Consolidate is Unconstitutional.

Kentucky: The Kentucky Attorney General has released a Decision that the Rowan County Board of Elections is Compliant with the State’s Open Meetings Act. Following a Precinct change in Lakeview Heights, Mayor David Bolt had Complained that the Board of Elections should do more than “post meeting notices on the office door of the county clerk’s office and should post the meeting dates, times, and location on the county clerk’s website and with The Morehead News.”

West Virginia: Ten former Employees in the Secretary of State’s Office have Filed a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit against the Secretary. The Suit claims the Employees were part of a Mass 16-Employee Purge, about One-Third of the Office, after Secretary of State Mac Warner took Office. According to the Associated Press, Warner said the Firings were part of Downsizing, but since then he has hired 22 New Employees. The Lawsuits allege that 15 of the 16 Fired Employees were Registered Democrats, and 19 of the 22 New Employees are Registered Republicans. The Complaints also note that many of the Fired Employees, most of whom had between Eight and 50 Years' Experience, were replaced with Hires with Little or No Governmental Experience.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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