Monday, July 3, 2017

Privacy Rights Group Sues Trump's Election Integrity Commission

President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was Sued by a Privacy Advocacy Group seeking a Court Order to Limit the Panel from Collecting Voter Information from across the U.S.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, in a Complaint filed Monday in a U.S. Court in Washington, said the Presidential Commission’s Actions are an Unlawful Invasion of Privacy and Unconstitutional.

The Commission, Led by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, has asked all 50 States and D.C., to Submit Data on all Registered Voters, including:

- Names
- Address
- Birth Dates
- Last Four Digits of Social Security Numbers
- Political Party Affiliations if available
- Records of Elections in which they participated, Voting Histories of all Voters
- Military Status
- Felony Convictions

Many States have already said they Legally Can’t or Won’t Comply, either Fully or Partially, with that Request.

States Complying, in Part, with Kobach’s Request for Data:

- Alaska
- Arizona
- Colorado
- Idaho
- Indiana
- Kansas
- Michigan
- Missouri
- Nevada
- New Hampshire
- North Carolina
- Ohio
- Oklahoma
- Rhode Island
- Texas
- Utah
- Washington

States Rebuffing Kobach’s Request for Data:

- California
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- Kentucky
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- Minnesota
- Mississippi (also noting that they had not yet received the letter)
- New York
- North Dakota
- South Dakota
- Tennessee
- Virginia
- Georgia (highlighting fee requirement)
- Iowa (highlighting formal request process)
- Louisiana (highlighting fee requirement) 
- New Mexico (requiring explanation before releasing data and noting that they had not yet received the letter)
- Oregon (highlighting fee requirement)
- Pennsylvania (highlighting fee requirement)
- Vermont (highlighting affidavit requirement)
- Wisconsin (highlighting fee requirement)

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