Friday, July 14, 2017

Former NYC Controller Fined for Donation Fraud from His Failed 2013 Mayoral Campaign

The New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) Fined former Mayoral Candidate and Controller John Liu $26,059 in connection with an Alleged Straw Donor Scheme that landed Campaign Aides in Jail, and which cost Liu $3.5 Million in Matching Funds in the 2013 race.

The bulk of the Fine, $20,000, was for “material misrepresentation and fraud,” the Board said, writing that the Campaign Aides, Xing Wu (Olive) Pan and Jia (Jenny) Hou Convicted in the Straw Donor Scandal were “legally indistinguishable” from the Campaign.

Using Straw Donors, someone who is Reimbursed for making a Political Donation under their Name, “obscures the true source of funds,” the Board wrote, and Violates its Rules.

Liu, who has insisted his Staffers had been set up by a U.S. Attorney’s Office out to get him, blasted the Board.
“After 4 years of trying to justify their extremist, politicized, and unjust act of denying my campaign $3,500,000, the CFB apparently didn't find many violations to fine my campaign for," Liu said. "$26k is a lot less than what they fined my rivals, including Bill de Blasio."

The Decision to Withhold the Campaign Cash meant Liu was significantly Underfunded in the Final weeks of the Competitive 2013 Mayoral Primary Campaign that de Blasio ultimately Won.

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