Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Common Cause vs. Donald Trump Jr.

Common Cause was founded in 1970 sparking a Democracy Reform Movement.

Common Cause: Drove the Movement that won Voting Tights for 18-year-olds; Led Campaigns that Secured and now Work to Defend and Strengthen Laws limiting the Influence of Money in Politics; Successfully Lobbied for State and Local Laws permitting Public Financing of Political Campaigns to offset the Impact of Large, Special Interest Contributions; Helped Expose Ethical Breaches that Drove two House Speakers and a Majority Leader from Office; their Lobbying ultimately led the House of Representatives to Create an Independent Ethics Oversight Agency;
Wrote the Landmark California Law putting Citizens in Charge of Drawing Congressional and State Legislative Districts, Ending Partisan Gerrymandering in some states; Spearheaded a Reform Coalition that Exposed the Secret workings of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a Corporate Cabal that has quietly engineered the passage of Hundreds of State Laws putting Private Profit ahead of the Public Interest;, thanks to that Campaign, more than 50 Major Companies have abandoned ALEC.

Common Cause just Filed a Federal Complaint against Donald Trump Jr’s Willingness to work with Putin-linked Russian Nationals to Influence the Election.

Now, Trump Jr.’s own Emails expose his attempts to Compromise the Integrity of our Elections, and we need to hold him Accountable. We now have a Paper Trail of Trump’s Son Soliciting a Contribution, in this Case, Opposition Research to Influence the Presidential Election from a Russian National with Ties to Putin’s Government.

Yesterday, Common Cause Filed an Official Complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump Campaign, following Reports that Trump Jr. met with a Putin-Connected Russian Lawyer to obtain “official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary.” Soliciting any kind of Contribution from a Foreign National is a Violation of Federal Election Law.

Today, Trump Jr. Tweeted out Emails that Prove he Illegally Solicited a Contribution from a Foreign National, just as their Official Complaint alleged. Those Emails explicitly Discuss “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

There’s no telling how deep this goes. One thing is certain: their Complaint (Common Cause v. Donald Trump Jr.) and the Investigation it calls for could finally Expose the Truth about Trump and Russia that the American People are Demanding. Even though they now have a Paper Trail of Trump Jr. Soliciting Opposition Research from an Individual with Ties to the Russian Government, we know that even these Revelations won’t alone be enough to get the Accountability we’re demanding.

First: They need to keep their Legal Staff working around the clock., so they amending their Official Complaint with today’s New Evidence, and are going to keep the Pressure on the DOJ & FEC to conduct a Full Investigation.

Then: They must turn up the volume of Citizen Outrage by Speaking out and Shining a Spotlight on this New Evidence: in the Media, and in our Communities, to make sure the President, his Campaign Chair, his Son, his Son-in-Law, and anyone else on his Team who could have Colluded with Russia is held Accountable.

Finally: They need a Massive Grassroots Mobilization to put Pressure on every Member of Congress Demanding they put Country before Party, and Create an Independent Commission to Investigate this Attack on our Democracy and ensure nothing like it happens again.

The American People Deserve the Full Story of the Trump Campaign’s possible Collusion with the Russian Government in its attempts to Interfere with the 2016 Election. And if Trump or his Team were Involved with this Attack on our Democracy, they must be held to Account.

I am interested on how Republican Internal Polling Information could have been used to Direct were Fake News would results in the Best Voting Outcomes. That is were I think the Collusion happened. Look at Cambridge Analytics who did the work for the Republican National Committee (RNC) and its Owners.

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