Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trump's Treasury Pick Took Dartmouth 4-Week Course Called It a Degree

Another of President Trump’s Nominees has been caught fudging their Academic and Professional credentials.

Joseph Otting, Trump’s Nominee for the U.S. Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, reportedly lied when he said on his Resume that he holds a Degree from the “School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth College.” Dartmouth has never had a School of Credit and Financial Management, nor does any such College operate out of any Dartmouth facility.

“Joseph Otting is not a Dartmouth graduate,” said University spokeswoman Diana Lawrence to New England Cable News on Wednesday. “Dartmouth does not have a school of credit and financial management.” The only program bearing the name “School of Credit and Financial Management” associated with Dartmouth was a four-week Certificate program spread over two years that was provided by National Association of Credit Management, a Maryland-based Nonprofit that provides Credit and Financial Professionals with Continuing Education opportunities. For a short time, the Course was offered on the Dartmouth College Campus.

Otting has a Bachelor’s Degree, if nominated, he will be the first U.S. Comptroller in decades not to hold an Advanced Degree. The White House confirmed Otting’s “error” on Friday, saying that “Bloomberg’s characterization of Mr. Otting’s credentials is correct.” Bloomberg News said Friday, “Records from the program, which is run for two weeks each year by the National Association of Credit Management, confirm that Otting graduated in 1992 when he was a mid-level manager at Union Bank in Beverly Hills, California.”

In addition to Otting, Trump’s Nominees for other posts have been felled due to Plagiarism or Outright Lies about their Qualifications. Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee whiffed a Nomination to the Department of Homeland Security due to Plagiarized Passages in his Master’s Thesis.

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