Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Michigan Legislature Passes Bill Removing Logos from Ballot

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for the post.

On June 28th, the Michigan Senate passed HB 4177. It removes Party Logos from Ballots. It had already Passed the House. The Senate vote was 26-9. The Bill now goes to the Governor.

This action will help the State Win its Lawsuit, Michigan State A. Philip Randolph v Johnson, e.d., 2:16cv-11844, over whether it is Legal to Repeal the Straight-Ticket Device.

The Michigan Legislature Repealed the Straight-Ticket Device early in 2016, but then a U.S. District Court Enjoined the Repeal.

Supporters of the Straight-Ticket Device argued that without the Straight-Ticket Device, some Voters would think they could Draw a Circle around a Party Logo, and that would be the same as a Straight-Ticket Device.

But if Party Logos no longer exist, then that fear vanishes.

CLICK HERE to read the Bill.

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