Thursday, June 15, 2017

Army Corps of Engineers Broke Law When it Approved Dakota Access Pipeline

A Federal Judge has Ruled the Trump Administration’s Army Corps of Engineers broke the Law when it Approved the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The Corps Failed to Perform an Adequate Study of the Pipeline’s Environmental Impact, particularly its Impact on Fishing Rights, Hunting Rights, and Environmental Justice.

The Judge hasn’t decided whether to stop the Oil Flowing, and Leaking, through the Pipeline, instead, he’s asking for more Briefing next week. But this uncertainty gives new Leverage against the Banks that Fund this and other Climate-Destructive Pipelines like Keystone XL.

Around the World, People and Communities are rising up to Demand that Banks, Pension Funds, and other Big investors, to Stop Financing Risky Fossil Fuel Companies and Projects. Individuals, Foundations, Colleges, Churches, and other Institutions have already promised to move $5 trillion out of Fossil Fuels. After pressure from more than 700,000 People and Cities like Seattle Representing over $5 billion in Accounts, several Banks have dropped their DAPL Investments or Committed to Revisit their Financing of Fossil Fuel Projects that threaten Indigenous Sovereignty.

People Power is Working!

And this push isn’t just against DAPL, but a handful of other Bad Projects: the infamous Keystone XL, Enbridge’s Line 3, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain, and TransCanada’s Energy East. Meanwhile, Fossil Fuel Companies continue to Drill for Oil on Indigenous Lands and Ecologically Sensitive Areas around the World. Now is the time to turn up the Pressure, and where possible, move our Money.

We need everyone to Align their Money with their Values: Withhold your Consent from a Global Finance System that puts Trump Cronies’ Profits ahead of Indigenous Rights, Long-Term Economic Analysis, and a Safe Planet for All.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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