Monday, June 5, 2017

Another Texan for Brand New Congress

Ryan Stone, an Acountant and City Council Member for a small Town outside of Austin, is the 10th Candidate joining the Movement to build a Brand New Congress. When you meet another Brand New Congress Candidate, you know you’re getting someone who will fight for Healthcare as a Human Right, Investment in New Industries, Infrastructure, Free College, and a Vision for a 100% Renewable Energy Economy within 10 years.

It turns out the Vision for the Brand New Congress has deep roots in Texas. He recently visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, where he found himself walking through a building full of everything we’re fighting for: Infrastructure, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, environmental Protection, War on Poverty, civil Rights, Voter Rights, Education, Immigration Reform, just to name a few. It was inspiring to be reminded a fellow Texan had been the one to Champion all these great things.

LBJ was the Representative from Texas District 10. He is running for Congress to represent LBJ’s own District, his Home District, to carry on a Fight that started long before our time or his.

The Foundation of modern America, the Health and Livelihood of so many people, is built on LBJ’s Great Society, which built on the vision of FDR’s New Deal. That New Deal grew out of the old 19th Century Populist Movements, Movements rooted, in part, in Texas, where Farmers scraped together their Pennies to Pay Dues to the Farmers' Alliance before their efforts were crushed by Bankers and Corporate Interests.

It’s a Battle as old as America itself, and now it’s our time. He is running for Congress to be your Voice and Fight for your Values.

It’s not that Brand New Congress is a wild, new idea, it’s the right Idea, for the Right Time. The seeds for this Revolution were planted in small Towns and Farms where people turned to the Government because they had tried everything else.

Today the stakes are higher than ever. The Banks and Corporations figured out the perfect way to stop the people from turning to the Government for Help, they Bought the Government!

That’s why he is running a Grassroots Campaign powered by small Donations from Regular People and not Corporations or PACs. Every dollar matters, because every dollar you give to a Brand New Congress Candidate is a Message. Every Dollar gives us the Power to Push a little bit further, change a few more Hearts, and get a few Steps closer to a Congress that works for all of Us.

This government of the People, by the People, for the People is our Birthright. Our Founders Secured that right for us, and Warned that from time to time we would have to Fight to Reaffirm it. That time is now.

Let’s Build on the Legacy so many great Americans have given us.

to Join him and Build a Brand New Congress together.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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