Friday, June 23, 2017

A Call to Revive America's Political Center

Morton Kondracke is the retired Executive Editor of Roll Call, a former “McLaughlin Group” and Fox News Commentator and Co-Author, with Fred Barnes, of “Jack Kemp: The Bleeding Heart Conservative Who Changed America.”

He write an Op-Ed on Real Clear Politics. He believes that for America to realize its Full Potential, it is essential for Republican and Democrats to work together to solve our Challenges.

As Morton Kondracke wrote, "In a populist era, can ‘elite’ heavyweights get anything done? They need to resolve that reviving the American Dream for hurting working- and middle-class families will be Job One. After that, they need to recruit, raise money and promote civility and respect for the law—and act together. They need to apply their demonstrated leadership skills to heal (maybe save) the country.”

"With money and influence, they need to support existing centrist groups that, with little notice, are already at work. Organizations such as No Labels, The Centrist Project, the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Reformicon movement, Third Way, Level the Playing Field, Represent.Us, the Campaign Legal Center, and FairVote.

This list is incomplete, too, but all of these groups are working in various ways to advance policies to solve America’s great problems and make the electoral system more hospitable to centrist candidates and less dominated by the Democrats’ increasingly left-wing base and the Republicans’ increasingly right-wing base.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire Op-Ed.

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