Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Centrist Project First 2018 Endorsement

The Centrist Project’s first Candidate Endorsement of the 2018 Election cycle is Terry Hayes, and she’s running for Governor of Maine as an Independent.

She currently serves as Maine’s first Independent State Treasurer. Terry previously served eight years in the Maine State House, where she proved herself as a problem solver.

Maine is also one of the States where the Centrist Project aims to Elect Candidates to the State House and state Senate, as a Coalition of just five or fewer Independents could control the balance of power between both Parties in both Chambers. This is called the “Fulcrum Strategy”.

The Centrist Project is proud to announce a new Partnership with Maine Independents. This new organization is working to Recruit and Train State Legislative Candidates in Maine, and the Centrist Project will pitch in with Organizational Support, Financial Resources, and Campaign Infrastructure.

A new Centrist Project Chapter just launched in Portland, ME and held their first meetup last week. Like other Chapters across the Country, volunteers will be focused on building the Centrist Project Community and mobilizing it to support their Candidates. As chapter Leader David McConnell said, “I’m ready to get behind leaders who have the courage to buck the two-party system that is failing our state and our country.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Centrist Project.

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