Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rand Paul Vote on Blocking Trump's Saudi Arms Deal

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul is expected to offer Legislation as soon as Wednesday that would block President Trump's $110 billion Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia.

Paul's planned Bill disapproving of the Arms deal comes as Trump completes the first leg of an overseas trip that began with a warm welcome from the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh. Paul recently joined three Democrats in proposing to make future Arms Sales contingent on reining in Saudi Military involvement in Yemen's Civil War, and he is likely to take advantage of a 1976 Law that allows any Senator to force a Vote on Halting Overseas Arms Sales.

Paul partnered with Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut last year in forcing a Senate vote to halt then-President Obama's plans for a $1.15 billion Saudi Arms Sale. Their effort was defeated on a 71-27 vote, with Republican Sens. Dean Heller of Nevada and Mike Lee of Utah joining 23 Democrats in voting to Block the deal.

Murphy has worked on a possible Bill with Paul, but it remains unclear how many Democrats are preparing to Sign onto the Disapproval Measure. The Connecticut Democrat also has spoken out against Trump's Saudi Arms Sales, warning in a Saturday column that the inclusion of Precision-Guided Munitions goes further than Obama's Weapons Deal and runs the risk that "more — not fewer — civilians will be killed" in the ongoing Yemeni conflict.

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