Tuesday, May 30, 2017

IL Legislature Passes Bill for Automatic Voter Registration

On May 29th the Illinois Senate unanimously passed SB 1933.

It had passed the House on May 5th, also unanimous, and now goes to the Governor.

It provides that Adult Citizens known by the State Government will Automatically be Registered to Vote, unless they Opt Out.

Because the Illinois Voter Registration Form doesn’t ask Applicants to choose a Party, Illinois does not have the problem of asking these new Registrants about their choice of Party.

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News writes: Assuming the Bill is Signed into Law, after a few years the effect will probably be to make it more likely that a Petition Signature will be considered valid, as a large portion of signers will be Registered Voters.

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) intends to sign Legislation supported by both Chambers of the Illinois Legislature that will Automatically Register people to Vote when they interact with State drivers’ facilities and other State Agencies. The decision to sign the Legislation marks a big victory for Voting Rights Advocates. Rauner vetoed a similar measure last year. At the time, he said the Legislation would “inadvertently open the door to voter fraud and run afoul of federal election law.” But a few changes were apparently enough to convince Rauner to sign on to Automatic Voter Registration. Illinois would be the Ninth State to adopt Automatic Voter Registration, and Advocates estimate it could add over 1 million voters to the State’s Rolls.

CLICK HERE to read the Bill.

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