Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Common Cause Report Ranks NY Election Laws & Procedures

Earlier this year, Common Cause New York released a Report endorsed by various Civil Rights Groups evaluating current Election Laws and Procedures in New York against the Bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration's nineteen recommendations, as well as the Laws of other States.

Some of the Commission's proposed Reforms include modernizing Voter Records, streamlining Bureaucratic processes, increasing Accessibility of Polling sites for Disabled Voters, and establishing Early Voting in the State.

Grading New York State’s Performance on Elections Reforms Between 2010 and 2016 PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION RECOMMENDATIONS GRADE:

1: Online Voter Registration - C
2: Interstate Exchanges of Voter Registration information - F
3: Integrate DMV voter data seamlessly with statewide voter registration lists - C
4: Use schools as Polling places - F
5: Consider use of Vote Centers - D
6: Tools and Models for effectively allocating resources across Polling places - F
7: Transition to Electronic Pollbooks - F
8: Recruit Public and Private sector employees, as well as High School and College Students, to become Poll Workers - C
9: Institute Poll worker Training Standards - D
10: Establish Advisory groups for Voters with Disabilities and for those with limited English proficiency - F
11: Adopt Comprehensive Management practices to assure Accessible Polling places D
12: Survey and Audit Polling Places to determine their Accessibility - C
13: Wide Deployment of Bilingual Poll workers - D
14: Test all Election materials for Plain Language and Usability - D
15: Expand opportunities to Vote before Election Day - F
16: Provide Ballots and Registration materials to Military and Overseas Voters via website - D 17: Reform Standard-setting and Certification process for Voting machines - D
18: Post-Election Voting Equipment Audits with Public disclosure of Data - D
19: Local Jurisdictions should gather and report Voting-related Data to Improve the Voter Experience - F


CLICK HERE to view the full Report.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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