Friday, May 19, 2017

CO Gov. Signs Bill for New Semi-Closed Primaries

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this post.

On May 18th,2017 - Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed SB305.

It sets out the details on how Colorado’s new Semi-Closed Primaries will work.

In 2016 the Voters passed an Initiative, saying that Independents may choose any Party’s Primary Ballot. However, the Initiative did not specify all the Details of how it would Work.

The Bill provides that when an Independent asks for a Party Primary Ballot, a record will be kept of his or her choice and that Voter will be considered a Member of the Party whose Primary Ballot was chosen, only for a year. After a year, that Voter will be again deemed to be an Independent, unless the Voter fills out a new Voter Registration Form and chooses a Party.

Anyone can fill out a new voter Registration Form at any time, to switch to any party or become an Independent.

Colorado doesn't keep track of how many people Register into a Group that is not a Qualified Party.

Getting 1,000 Registrations is a method for a Party to remain Qualified.

A Group is free to run a Candidate for Statewide Office, and if that Candidate gets 5% then the Group becomes a Qualified Party.

Also a Group is free to submit 10,000 Signatures to become a Qualified Party.

CLICK HERE to read the 11 page (pdf) Bill.

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