Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vermont’s Campaign Finance Law Survives Legal Challenge

A challenge to Vermont’s Campaign Finance Laws has been struck down in Federal Court.

Dean Corren, an unsuccessful candidate for Lieutenant Governor, sued the State in Vermont’s Federal District Court for Violating his First Amendment Rights, alleging that a Restriction on Fundraising for Publicly-Financed Candidates is Unconstitutional.

The Court issued its Decision Tuesday.

The Federal suit came amid a State-level Case against Corren. During his Campaign, Corren accepted Public Financing, which bars him from accepting other Contributions.

In October 2014, the Vermont Democratic Party solicited 19,000 Recipients inviting them to Democratic Candidate Rallies, including for Corren.

Former Attorney General Bill Sorrell saw that as an In-Kind Contribution and sued Corren over the Violation, a Case that is still pending in State Court but will proceed with Tuesday’s Decision.

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richardwinger said...

This AP story is deeply flawed. Even Rick Hasen, of the election law blog, said so, after he had linked to it. The only thing that happened recently is that the judge denied reconsideration. An entire year ago he had said the case belongs in state court. That's all.