Monday, April 24, 2017

Texans for Voter Choice

Texans for Voter Choice is a Non-Partisan Coalition organized in support of The Texas Voter Choice Act (TVCA).

They believe Voters, not Private Parties or Incumbent Politicians, should decide who gets Elected to Public Office.

They welcome a broad range of Groups and Organizations to join their Coalition.

Texas has some of the most Restrictive Ballot Access Laws in the Nation.

They deny Texans a Free Choice of Candidates, Reduce Participation in the Political Process, provides Voters with more meaningful Choices on Election Day by Dismantling the unnecessary barriers that make it so hard for Qualified Candidates to appear on the Ballot in Texas.

The Texas Voter Choice Act (HB 3068), Sponsors - Ron Reynolds (D-District 27) and Rafael Anchia (D-District 103):

- Caps Nomination Petition Signature requirements at 10,000 for Statewide office and makes Filing Deadlines consistent with Constitutional Standards.

- Replaces Unreliable, Inefficient and Costly Paper-based Processes with Secure, Proven Web-based Technology.

- Simplifies Ballot Access by Eliminating unnecessary Filing Requirements.

CLICK HERE for more information about The Texas Voter Choice Act.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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