Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NYC Business and Civic Leaders Launch Effort to Increase Voter Turnout

New York City Business and Civic Leaders will harness Private-Sector energy as part of a new initiative to Improve Voter Turnout.

The Drum Major Institute, a Public Policy organization formed by Martin Luther King and his Lawyer Harry Wachtel in 1961, will push Employers to comply with a little-known State Law that guarantees Employees two hours Off to Vote without Loss of Pay and that Employers Advertise that Policy conspicuously.

The Initiative, led by former City Councilman and current JPMorgan Managing Director Eric Gioia, also involves Recruiting Businesses to offer Election Day Discounts to Customers wearing "I Voted" Stickers. The Institute called for the City to deputize High School Principals and College Presidents to sign Students up to Vote directly, as former President Jimmy Carter did as Governor of Georgia.

The Institute's Board Members, including Martin Luther King III and William Wachtel, the Founders' sons, met with President Trump in January to discuss Voting Rights issues. They suggested the President sign an Executive Order creating a Universal Identification Card, a response to Republican "Voter ID" Laws that critics say Reduce Participation.

“This common-sense and easy-to-implement solution to the photo ID battle that is going on in more and more states has garnered the support of Presidents Carter, Clinton and Bush for one simple reason: It makes perfect sense and can be done by the stroke of a pen," said Scott Rechler, Institute Board Member and Chairman and CEO of RXR Realty.

The Drum Major Institute announced the push Tuesday, the 49th Anniversary of King's Assassination.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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