Thursday, April 13, 2017

Netroots Nation Conference in Atlanta

In August from the 10th through the 13th, thousands of Progressive Activists, Leaders, and Candidates will meet at the Netroots Nation Conference in Atlanta to diagnose what went wrong in 2016 and work out how to move forward to Winning in 2018 and beyond.

There will be several Panel Discussions and Trainings that will show Progressives how to go on offense on issues.

To get these important Discussions Approved by casting your vote for each of the Sessions below. Those that receive the most Votes will automatically be part of the Conference.
You can vote whether or not you will attend the Conference. Voting ends tomorrow night, so don't wait.

The Sessions are:

Filling the Vacuum: The Strategic Messaging Gap - How Progressives Can Pivot To Offense In The Age Of Trump. Vote here!

How We're Turning Resistance into Permanent Power: Five Reports from the Frontlines. Vote here!

Millions of Jobs: The Inside Story of How Progressives Are Taking Back the Populist Narrative and Going On Offense on Infrastructure. Vote here!

Let’s Talk About Drugs: The Opioid Epidemic and Why It Should Be A Core Political Issue for Democrats. Vote here!

Building An Effective Volunteer Army. Vote here!

Curveball Questions? How to Pivot To Your Core Message. Vote here!

Saving Millions with Earned Media: How to Organize Kick-Ass Press Events and Get Your Campaign Covered. Vote here!

Making it Rain: Donor Research and Baller Asks: This training received rave reviews at Netroots Nation last year, and we’re excited to offer it again! Vote here!

We'd love to see you at Netroots Nation this year in Atlanta. Register here and save $25 on your ticket.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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