Saturday, April 22, 2017

Independent Party of Florida Regains Qualified Status

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this post.

The Independent Party of Florida, founded in 1992, was stripped of its official Status because it didn’t use a Certified Public Accountant to Audit its Finances. The Party originally grew out of Ross Perot’s run for President in 1992,

On February 20th, 2017, the Secretary of State had revoked the Party’s status because of Technical Flaws in its Financial Reports.

The Party re-filed.

On April 20th, the Florida Secretary of State acknowledged that the Independent Party is again a Qualified Party.

It now has the same Status that it did last year, except that because the Party ceased to be recognized for a few months, the State changed the Voter Registration Records of all the Party’s Members so that it doesn’t now have any Members, except for a few Individuals who Re-Registered into the Party on April 20-21.

Ernie Bach, Chair of the Party based in Largo, vowed to rebuild its base of more than 260,000 Members entirely from scratch.

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