Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017 NJ Governor Likely Candidates

New Jersey's 2017 Governor's race is already heating up.

Gov. Chris Christie Second Term is Up.

New Jersey's Primary is on June 6th, 2017.

Here is a look at who has currently declared by submitting their Petitions:

William Brennan (D) - is a former Teaneck Firefighter with a Law degree who earned 15 minutes of fame by bringing a citizens Complaint against Christie. Brennan alleged Christie Violated the State's official Misconduct Law by failing to reopen the George Washington Bridge during the 2013 lane-closure scandal. Brennan's Case fizzled after the County Prosecutor declined to pursue the suit.

Jack Ciattarelli (R) - Member of the State Assembly from Somerset County since 2011, former Somerset County Freeholder, Owner of a Medical Publishing company, former Accountant.

Kim Guadagno (R) - Lieutenant Governor under Christie, former Monmouth County Sheriff. Serving as New Jersey's chief Executive when Christie is on the road Campaigning, also serving as the State's Secretary of State, being the State's Liaison to small businesses, presiding over countless Ribbon-Cuttings.

Jim Johnson (D) - is a former Federal Prosecutor in New York and Clinton Administration Treasury official. His Campaign has gained some traction, qualifying for Public Matching Funds. He's gotten about $900,000 in Matching Funds so far.

Raymond J. Lesniak (D) - Member of the State Senate from Union County since 1983 and previously the State Assembly, Attorney. One of the longest-serving Members of the Legislature (38 years), emerging as the largest proponent of Legalizing Sports Betting in New Jersey.

Philip Murphy (D) - CEO of Non-Profit New Start New Jersey, former Goldman Sachs Executive, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany under President Obama from 2008-13. Championing Middle-Class Causes under his Non-Profit, having a similar pedigree to former Gov. Jon Corzine,

Steven Rogers (R) - is a Commissioner in Nutley and a stout supporter of President Trump, unlike Ciattarelli and Guadagno. He also regularly appeared on Fox News as a Commentator.

Joseph R. Rullo (R) - Owns a Landscaping business in Ocean County and is also a Trump supporter. Echoing Trump's Drain-the Swamp pledge, Rullo adopted "Drain the Swamp in Trenton" as his official Ballot slogan.

Hirsh Singer (R) - is an Engineer and Egg Harbor Township native who has embraced some of Christie's Policies, including his proposal to spend an equal amount of State Aid per Student, which would mean a reduction for Poorer Districts.

John S. Wisniewski (D) - Member of the State Assembly from Middlesex County since 1996, former State Democratic Chairman, Attorney. Chairing the influential Assembly Transportation Committee, Co-Chairing the Legislative Committee that has investigated the George Washington Bridge Scandal.

Mark Zinna (D) - is a Tenafly council Member and the Owner of a data-Mining Company. His Campaign is focusing on what he calls the Corrupt Political System and is calling for Open Primaries, in which the State's millions of Unaffiliated Voters could participate. Currently only Registered Democrats and Republicans can vote in the Primary.

In 2017, Christie has been named by President Trump to lead the Presidential Task Force on the Opioid and Drug issue.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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