Monday, March 6, 2017

NYS Senate Elections Committee Results

The New York Senate Elections Committee met today to vote on the following Bills:

Bill-S218, Relates to requirements of a Witness to a Designating Petition or Independent Nominating Petition. Sponsor - Kathleen A. Marchione, R-43rd Senate District.

Bill-S443, Permits Boards of Elections to engage Election Inspectors to split shifts, their Compensation to be Prorated accordingly. Sponsor - Catharine Young, R-57th Senate District.

Bill-S918, Prohibits certain Loans to be made to Candidates or Political Committees. Sponsor Thomas D. Croci, R-3rd Senate District.

Bill-S1445, Relates to Authorizing Registration Records of Victims of Sexual Violence to be kept Confidential in certain cases. Sponsor - Rich Funke, R-55th Senate District.

Bill-S1567, Requires the State Board of Elections and Local Boards of Elections to Publish the Campaign Website addresses of certain Candidates. Sponsor - Tony Avella, D-11th Senate District.

Bill-S2097, Relates to Penalties for Unlawful Campaign Contributions to County or Town Committees. Sponsor - Terrence Murphy, R-40th Senate District.

Bill-S2786, Removes the requirement of Publishing a Candidate's Residence prior to an Election. Sponsor - Fred Akshar, R-52nd Senate District.

Bill-S2791, Adds an optional section to Voter Registration forms to allow for Email addresses. Sponsor - Fred Akshar, R-52nd Senate District.

Bill-S2792, Removes the Requirement that Party Emblems be included in Ballot design. Sponsor - Fred Akshar, R-52nd Senate District.

Bill-S2976, Relates to Military Ballots and Elections for School Boards of Education and School Budgets. Sponsor - Kenneth P. LaValle, R-1st Senate District.

Bill-S3309, Relates to Ranked-Choice Voting Elections in New York City. Sponsor - R-Andrew J Lanza, 24th Senate District.

All Bills where moved out of the Committee.

Bills final wording not completed.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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