Sunday, March 12, 2017

NYC Campaign Finance Board Actions

The New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) determined that violations were committed by one Campaign from the 2013 Citywide Election cycle and one Campaign from the 2016 Special Election.

The Board assessed penalties for those violations, and determined that another Campaign from the 2013 City Election would be required to repay Public Funds.

Additionally, the Board Voted to ratify February 1st and February 9th Special Election Public Funds payments, and to ratify a Denial of Candidate Athena Moore's (2017A) 5-02(a) petition.

The Board also voted to re-adopt the Ethical Guidelines.

The meeting was the first Public meeting for the New Board Chair Frederick Schaffer. During the meeting, Chairman Schaffer delivered the following remarks:

"New York City’s public campaign financing system is a model for states and cities around the country; especially for those that want to reduce the influence of big money in politics. I was proud to serve on the 2010 Charter Revision Commission that led to the Charter mandate for disclosure of independent expenditures in city elections, which the CFB administers and that significantly strengthened the City’s program. My hope for my term as Chair of the Board is to make the City’s program even stronger, so that more New Yorkers can get involved in elections as voters, contributors and even candidates."

Violations and Penalties

Candidate, (Election Cycle), Office, Violation, Penalty, Total Penalties

Carlton Curry, (2016A), City Council (District #17), Material misrepresentation or fraud: Failing to report bank and merchant accounts used for campaign purposes, $10,000, $10,000

Ricardo Brown, (2013), City Council (District #31), Failing to report bank and merchant accounts used for campaign purposes:

- $500, Failing to provide bank/merchant account statements
- $500, Failing to report transactions
- $201, Failing to demonstrate compliance with cash receipts reporting and documentation requirements
- $887, Failing to demonstrate compliance with reporting requirements for receipts and disbursements
- $3,000, Filing late disclosure statements
- $1,300, Failing to demonstrate compliance with subcontractor reporting and documentation requirements
- $50, Accepting over-the-limit contributions
- $8,450, Accepting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, or partnerships
- $1,451, Failing to document transactions
- $700, Failing to report and document basic campaign functions/activities
- $500, Failing to demonstrate compliance with intermediary reporting and documentation requirements
- $500, Failing to demonstrate that spending was in furtherance of the campaign
- $1,661, Converting campaign funds to a personal use
- $19,991, Commingling campaign funds with personal or business funds
- $4,815, Submitting false contribution reporting and documentation
- $6,530, Material misrepresentation
- $20,000, Public Funds Repayments

Total = $71,036

Candidate, (Election Cycle), Public Funds Received, Public Funds Repayment

Julio Pabon, (2013), City Council (District #17), $54,214, $2,796

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