Sunday, March 5, 2017

GA Democrats Cry Foul as House Republicans Redraw District Lines

Georgia House Republicans made a late bid Friday to change the District Boundaries for eight Republicans and one Democrat.

The one Democrat, Rep. Sheila Jones, D-Atlanta, is not happy.

Jones said she didn’t know about House Bill 515 until it was being presented to the Reapportionment Committee late Wednesday afternoon.

The biggest changes strengthen Republican Districts that have become more competitive.

Rich Golick (R-District 40, parts of Southeastern Cobb County) won re-election in November with 53% of the vote over Democrat Erick Allen, down from the 60% to 40% margin by which Golick won in 2014.

In South Metro Atlanta, Rep. Brian Strickland (R-District 111, McDonough) has seen his margin of victory fall from 6 percentage points in 2012 to less than 2 percentage points in 2016.

HB 515 takes several GOP-heavy Precincts out of Rep. Karen Mathiak’s (R-District 73, Griffin) neighboring District and gives them to Strickland.

CLICK HERE for more information about HB 515 Bill.

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