Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FOIA Appeal Documents Show Trump Funneled Money to His Kids

Buzzfeed filed a Freedom of Information Act request inquiring about Trump’s deal to rehab the old Post Office building in D.C. as a Trump hotel.

There was an attempt to hide where the tax dollars in the deal were headed, and some of the data was blacked out mysteriously.

After the FOIA request was granted, it shows the contents that were blacked out.

Documents in the response to the FOIA appeal show that during Donald Trump’s re-development of the taxpayer-owned Old Post Office building in downtown D.C. into a luxury Hotel, Trump funneled money to his children through separate companies bearing each of the children’s names, and the document indicates that those companies did not invest money.

Nevertheless, their stakes could earn the children a big chunk of any profits generated from the taxpayer-owned site.

After the development was completed, the Trump Organization received a 60-year, $180 million lease, $3 million a year, to run the Hotel.

The Ownership Breakdown:

DJT Holdings LLC - owns 76.725%, $2,169,650 investment

Trump Old Post Office Member Corp - owns 1%, $2,369,650 investment

Ivanka OPO LLC - owns 7.425%

Don OPO LLC - owns 7.425%

Eric OPO LLC - owns 7.425%

Are there more Conflicts of Interest here?

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