Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CA Primary Ballot Formats In a Top-Two World

Thanks to Richard Winger for this post.

I have been blogging for awhile with the idea of separating Primary Ballots so Party Members would get a Ballot that includes Congressional, State, Local, and Party Official Candidates and all others would get a Ballot with just Congressional, State, and Local Candidates.

This is Richard's answer:

California Candidates for Party Office don't appear on the Top-Two Primary ballot.

They appear on separate Partisan Primary Ballots. On Primary day there are many kinds of ballots:

- An American Independent Ballot and an American Independent Ballot for any Independent who wants one

- A Democratic Ballot and a Democratic Ballot for Independents who want one

- A Green Party Ballot

- A Libertarian Ballot and a Libertarian Ballot for Independents who want one

- A Peace & Freedom Ballot

- A Republican Ballot

- A Top-Two Primary Ballot that only contains Congress, State Legislature, and Statewide State Executive Office

In Presidential Primaries, there is a separate process.

But in 2000, under a Blanket Primary, which the Supreme Court overturned, there was a unique different process. All Candidates for All positions were on one Primary Ballot. But there was a system to only count votes by Party Members of each Party for the Party Official Candidates.

If you have more information on how this vote was counted, let me know.

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