Thursday, February 9, 2017

Term Limits in States and Congress Update

75% of Americans support Term Limits on Congress, and yet, it's still not the Law of the land.

Each time the American people say "enough is enough," the Ruling Class in Washington flexes its muscle and nothing changes.

The Term Limits Convention, an innovative plan that will beat the machine by giving States the power to Term Limit Congress.

When 34 States pass Legislation calling for the Convention, it will be held regardless of whether Congress approves.

This process, enshrined in Article V of the Constitution, empowers the People and the States, not Washington insiders.

Politicians, Lobbyists, and Special Interests oppose this.

The action is happening in Washington and State Capitals, as the Campaign for Term Limits on Congress continues.

In D.C., Congressman Ron DeSantis and Senator Ted Cruz have introduced the USTL Amendment and are working with President Trump to add Sponsors and secure a Vote.

But let’s be real. Congress is very unlikely to propose a Term Limits Amendment on its own.

That’s why we are also working with States to bypass Congress and pass the Amendment through the Term Limits Convention.

The Founders of this effort created that option because they knew how stubborn Congress would become. They knew we would need another path forward.

In the last week, these states filed the Term Limits Convention Bill:

South Carolina

The next batch of States that is close to filing:


Now we need to get into those State Legislatures and pass the Bills.

Congressional Term Limits is the most Bipartisan and popular Political Issue in America. But it’s still not the Law of our Land, because Career Politicians refuse to listen.

Our only choice is making them listen is by demanding our States pass the Term Limits Convention.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Term Limits Convention.

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