Friday, February 10, 2017

H.R. 387 Email Privacy Act

The House passed Bill, H.R. 387 Email Privacy Act, to extend Privacy protections to older emails by Voice Vote. The Bill would update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, a Law that allows Law Enforcement to access Emails without a Warrant if the Emails are at least six months old. This Legislation would remove the six month distinction.

This was the most Co-Sponsored Bill in the 114th Congress and then reintroduced this Congress.

Last Congress it passed the House and then stalled in the Senate.

It's Sponsor is Rep. Kevin Yoder [R, KS-3], introduced on Jan 9th, 2017.

It has 138 total Co-sponsors, 84-(R) and 54-(D).

Many online services, including those from Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Verizon, already require Law Enforcement to produce a Warrant before they will provide data. The Department of Justice, at least during the Obama years, required a Warrant for all searches, although that could change at any time under the new Administration.

“Reform is long overdue,” said Craig Albright of the Trade group BSA. “The 1986 law came before the cloud, data analytics and web email.”

“Reform would send a signal globally, and show how the U.S. is leading in the field and sends a signal to consumers that they can trust services. Increasing trust is always helpful to business.”

CLICK HERE for more information about the Bill.

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