Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NY Gov. Proposes Free SUNY and CUNY Tuition for Income Eligible State Residents

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing to offer Free Tuition at New York Public Colleges to eligible New Yorkers.

Cuomo unveiled his plan Tuesday morning at LaGuardia Community College in Queens, alongside U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. During the Senator’s unsuccessful run for the Democratic Presidential nomination last year, Sanders pushed for Free Tuition at all U.S. Public Colleges.

Cuomo’s plan, the Excelsior Scholarship, would provide Free Tuition to all State University of New York or City University of New York Colleges, including two-year Community Colleges, for families and individuals, who earn less than:

2017 - less than $100,000
2018 - less than $110,000
2018 - less than $125,000

It would kick in after other scholarships and school loans, to fill in the remaining gap.

It has estimated to cost $163 million per year, and could benefit as many as one million households.

Student loan debt continues to soar Nationwide and is the second largest source of consumer debt. In 2015, the average student loan debt in New York was $29,320.

Cuomo’s proposal would have the program starting this fall. The Governor’s plan would require approval by the Legislature.

New York has the Nation’s largest Public University system, with 440,000 students spread among 64 campuses across the State.

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