Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Biden Confirms Decision to be Based at Penn

Vice President Joe Biden will be doing Foreign Policy work at Penn after he leaves office, and will be creating a separate organization called the Biden Trust to continue his "Cancer Moonshot" initiative, according to comments he made on Tuesday.

Biden inadvertently revealed his plans on a hot mic while talking to a guest at the mock swearing-in ceremony for Senators on Tuesday, according to a video filmed by Quartz reporter David Yanofsky.

It has been previously reported that Biden would "set up shop" at Penn, but the Vice President had not publicly announced his plans. His comments were picked up by C-SPAN's live TV microphone.

CBS News reported that a guest appeared to ask Biden where he would be based, to which he replied “based out of Penn for Foreign Policy,” and added he was “deliberately” not associating with one particular medical center for the Biden Trust.

"The Vice President's cancer work will be an independent entity and will not be housed at any one university," said Kate Bedingfield, Communications Director for the Office of the Vice President in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

This confirmation comes after Biden made several appearances at Penn throughout 2016. He launched his initiative to cure cancer nearly a year ago at a round-table discussion at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center. That discussion was months after his eldest son and 1991 College graduate Beau Biden died of brain cancer. Biden has other connections to Penn, including his daughter, who graduated from the School of Social Policy & Practice in 2010, and his granddaughter, 2016 College graduate Naomi Biden.

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