Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wisconsin Recount to Continue

A U.S. Judge on Friday rejected a request by supporters of President-Elect Trump to stop a vote recount in Wisconsin, where the Republican won by more than 27,200 votes in the Nov. 8th Election, according to Court documents.

Great America PAC and Stop Hillary PAC had both gone to Court last week to halt the recount, which is more than 88% complete, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“The recount is an inherent part of what ensures the integrity of elections,” U.S. District Judge James Peterson said, according to Court transcripts.

Federal law requires states to resolve disputes over the appointment of Electoral College voters by Dec. 13th.

Trump won by more than 68,000 votes in Pennsylvania and about 11,600 votes in Michigan, according to State figures.

In Pennsylvania, a Federal Judge was scheduled to hear arguments on Friday to begin a recount. In Michigan on Wednesday, a Federal Judge halted the recount in its third day by siding with a State Appeals Court that found Stein did not have grounds to mount the challenge.

Stein asked the Michigan Supreme Court to hear an appeal. She said the recount was aimed at reinforcing the integrity of Michigan’s voting system, while Trump supporters called it a waste of money.

Two justices on Thursday disqualified themselves from the case because Trump had listed them as possible nominees to fill the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy, according to Court documents.

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