Friday, December 23, 2016

Public Financing and Outside Income NY Special Session Topics

The New York Legislative Ethics Commission (LEC) could have approval for the Private-Sector Pay earned by Lawmakers, while a Public Financing program for State Supreme Court Campaigns could also be created under new measures being discussed for a potential Special Session, several sources confirmed on Friday.

Lawmakers are still aiming for Tuesday to hold the Session, which could also pave the way for the first Legislative Pay increase since 1998.

The Ethics-related measures come on top of a range of issues Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sought to be addressed before the end f the year, including the creation of a Procurement Oversight official as well as the funding for Supportive Housing for the Homeless and a Hate-Crimes Task Force.

The Ethics measures are the latest iteration of Reform proposals to pop up in recent weeks after Lawmakers rejected a push for a pair of Constitutional Amendments designed to Term Limit State Elected officials and ban Private-Sector pay.

The Republican-led Senate has been hesitant to fully embrace both limitations on Outside Income as well as Public Financing.

Lawmakers in 2014 approved a Pilot program for Publicly Financed Campaigns that only impacted the Comptroller’s race. Incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli did not participate, citing the flaws in the approved program coming in the middle of an Election cycle.

The LEC itself is controlled by Legislative Appointees who are also Lawmakers themselves.

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