Monday, December 12, 2016

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) is a 527 organization that focuses on Redistricting Reform and is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The Management of the umbrella organization will be:

Chair - Former Attorney General Eric Holder

President - Elizabeth Pearson, Democratic Governors Association (DGA) Executive Director

Vice-President - Alixandria "Ali" Lapp, House Majority PAC Executive Director

President Obama will be working to support the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which will pursue Redistricting efforts to boost Democratic candidates across the Country.

The organization will coordinate Campaign Strategy, Direct Fundraising, Organize Ballot Initiatives, and put together Legal Challenges to state Redistricting Maps.

“American voters deserve fair maps that represent our diverse communities — and we need a coordinated strategy to make that happen,” Holder said. “This unprecedented new effort will ensure Democrats have a seat at the table to create fairer maps after 2020."

“Where he will be most politically engaged will be at the state legislative level, with an eye on redistricting after 2020,” said White House Political Director David Simas, who’s been briefing Obama on the Group’s progress since it started coming together at the beginning of the summer.

The group is planning to hire staff starting by December, though it will still rely on Groups like the DGA and House Majority PAC for some of the legwork.

“We’re developing a comprehensive, unified plan that represents tactically the way we increase Democratic power in the next redistricting that’s state specific,” said Mark Schauer, a former Michigan Congressman and failed 2014 candidate for Governor who’s serving as a Senior Adviser to the Group. “By 2017, we’ll speak with one voice under the auspices of the NDRC to big donors around the country, pointing them to the best ways to impact redistricting.”

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