Monday, October 3, 2016

Trump Foundation Ordered to Cease Fundraising in NY‏

New York's Attorney General has ordered the Trump Foundation to stop fundraising in New York State because it is not properly registered to do so.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office sent the Trump Foundation a "Notice of Violation" dated Friday and released publicly Monday, instructing the organization to "immediately cease soliciting contributions or engaging in any other fundraising activity in New York."

The Trump Foundation lacked the proper registration for groups that raise more than $25,000 in the State, the letter said.

The Foundation has become a major political headache for GOP Presidential candidate Trump, following reports it sent an illegal $250,000 donation to a Florida political group and spent funds on unusual items, like portraits of Trump.

The notice says the Trump Foundation has 15 days to file the appropriate paperwork under State law.

The "notice of violation" was sent to a Washington lawyer, Sheri Dillon of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

When the Foundation was set up it only had money Trump put into the Foundation. This did not require any special registration. But when Trump stopped putting his money into the Foundation and began taking in donations, he should have filed for the proper certificate to operate this type of Foundation.

Section 172 of Article 7-A of New York's Executive Law says "any organization that solicits contributions in New York State must register with the Charities Bureau and to provide annual financial reports and annual audited financial statements."

Trump asked for contribution for Veterans in 2016. And there is reported payments for Trump's work that bypassed paying income tax by asking for the payments to be made as a contribution to the Foundation.

The Trump Foundation is also required to submit all delinquent financial reports for any prior years.

If the Foundation misses the 15 days, it would be considered a crime under New York Penal code, and after the total money contributed is determined, it would have to be returned.

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